Training Programs

The difference of our programs

What is special about our training programs is that your dog will not be in a over crowded kennel, they will be trained in an actual home. Whether that be your home or ours. We also only take a maximum of two dogs per week to ensure your dog gets the proper attention during their training. By your dog being trained in an actual home they will be put in real life situation and be taken on walks throughout a neighborhood.Your dog will also test their training on our Training Field Trips to dog friendly places such as Home Depot. They will meet strangers and other dogs to ensure that when they come home they are well balanced and listen when given a command.

Commands Learned

With our programs we teach loose leash walking, heel, auto sit, sit stay, down, down stay, drop it, leave it, wait, off and place. We also work on any behavior modifications such as potty training, counter surfing, play biting, crate training and anything else that may be a nuisance to your daily life.

90 Minute At Home Private Lessons


Private lessons are great if owners are going to continue the training everyday after a lesson for at least 4* a day for 15 minutes. A professional trainer will come to your home for an 90 minute private lesson. They will go over 3 to 4 commands depending on how your dog is doing during the lesson.

Buy a set of 3 lessons and a training collar is included.

Puppy Foundation Package


Our Puppy Foundation Package is designed to teach puppy owners of all experience levels how to raise a calm, confident, and happy dog. **For dogs 12 weeks to 5 months old.

  • (4) Private Training Lessons at your home
  • Potty Training and Puppy Leash Training
  • Address Jumping, Biting, Digging, and all other nuisance behaviors
  • Learn Name Recognition, Come, Sit, Wait, Crate, and Leave It
  • Puppy Plan

2 Week On Leash Board and Train (Most Popular)


**for dogs 5 months and older

In this program your dog will learn loose leash walking, auto sit, sit stay, heel, wait, recall from a 6 foot leash, down, leave it, drop it, place. Then they will learn to hold a stay in either a down stay or the place command for 30+ minutes with distractions. We also work on any behaviors such as jumping or potty training,crate training.

Dogs also get to interact with other dogs to learn proper socializing.

A typical board and train day consist of 4 to 5, 20 minutes lessons, a 15 minute training walk, and a hour of playtime with other dogs. We go on actual walks through the neighbor and to dog friendly places.

This program includes 14 days of boarding, a training collar and two 90 minute private lessons in your home.

30 Day off leash Board & Train

Price: $3000

**For dogs 7 months and older

  • Loose Leash and Off-Leash Walking, Heel Command (off leash), Behavioral issues solved (barking, chewing, digging, growling, biting, etc.), Grooming Training (fur brushing, nail trims, teeth cleaning), Greeting Manners (no jumping, wait at doors), Come, Sit, Down, with release command (remains in position until release, Crate training both at home and in vehicles, Wait politely at doors, gates and meals (until released)
  • Obedience proofed with distance, duration, and distractions, Learn to play a specific game, depending on dog’s interests,Daily socialization
  • Includes (1) 15ft. leash, (1) training slip lead, and digital training collar and two 2 hour turnover lesson at the completion of training to teach you everything your dog learned. Also Includes a wash and groom before turnover.

* All board and Train Programs come with Training guaranteed for the lifetime of the dog*

Let’s us help you create a bond with your dog!