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75A8A965-41CF-4060-A080-24F45A9B11B7Ever since Nicole was a little girl the only thing that has been constant in her life is a love for dogs. When she was a little girl she began to walk the neighborhood dogs for free. Anything that had to do with dogs she had or was there. For as long as she could remember she always felt a connection with dogs whether it was a Halloween costume of a dog or her room being decorated with dog prints when she was younger. It was evident at an early age that dogs needed to be a part of her life.  Nicole Found it easy to connect with and bond with dogs, but didn’t realize how much dogs helped her; she realized that having her dogs near her during difficult situations helped her over come a lot. For Nicole and her dogs, the relationship has always been mutually beneficial.

It wasn’t until college when she started to dog walk, pet sitting, and train for a local company that she noticed that training and understanding dogs weren’t abilities that everyone possessed. Only very few people had a remarkable ability to empathize with dogs. She feels that educating dogs and changing their negative behaviors is what she has a passion for. She knows a way to connect and train dogs with problems such as social difficulties, aggression, general mischievousness and disobedience. She has handled such a diverse group of dogs, that she is comfortable with all breeds, ages, and temperaments. She treats every dog she takes care of as if it was her own. Currently she owns a Pembroke Welsh Corgi name Biggie Smalls. He welcomes  every dog that enters our home with big a smile and wagging tail.

She decided to open up Mutts In A Rutt to spread the passion and education that she has with dogs to other homes. She loves to watch the dogs feel at home and not worried while owners are away and watch dogs master a command that they may have been working on. She felt there was a need for a more personal touch and home oriented options for dogs who do not do well in kennels.  She enjoy helping owners with their furry friends when they are away and giving them the comfort of knowing that they are in good hand. Nicole strives to keep family goals and lifestyle in mind as she works with dogs whether that be walking, boarding or training. She finds that getting to know the family will help the dog feel more comfortable and successful in all aspects of dog care. Nicole has a true passion and dedication to change  dogs lives. With a quiet confidence and humility along with solid dog experience, that makes anyone (or any dog) love her she will sure make you feel at easy when she is caring for your dog.

Dog Walker

img_0118Marissa has been a dog lover ever since she was young. Growing up around dogs Marissa has demonstrated her conference and connections with dogs throughout her life. Currently she has three dogs Kato (shepherd mix),Rue (terrier mix) and Bella (terrier mix). Marissa has worked in the pet care industry for the past five years learning the inns and outs of doggy daycare and dog walking. Some of your pets may actually recognize her and get excited to see her again. Her true passion in life is to work with animals. Marissa has her pet first aid and CPR license. She is excited to get to know you and each and everyone of your pets personally. If you see her around town make sure you say hello and welcome her to the pack!


Petsitter and Subsitute Dog Walker

61E42C52-D76D-48F0-A40E-BF342E809F85 Danielle has worked in the pet care industry through out college. She has a love for dogs and takes the opportunity while home on her college breaks to surround herself with them. She is caring, experienced and devoted to bring the best service to owners and their furry friends. She enjoys giving owners peace of mind knowing that their furry friends are getting individual attention and being taken care of while are away on vacation. Dogs have always been apart of Danielle’s life. Currently she has two dogs, Belle a German Shepard and Borris a Belgium Malinois. Danielle currently goes to the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh where she is majoring in social work and a minoring in social justice. She is apart of the Women’s soccer team also at Oshkosh. Danielle is guaranteed to make you a smile and welcome your dogs with open arms. She can’t wait to get to know each and everyone of you as well as your dogs. If you are lucky enough to have Danielle take care of your dog just know that your furry family member is in great hands. 


Petsitter and Dog Walker


Dog Walker and Boarder


Dog Treat giver extraordinaire